Dry Flies on the Bighorn River in Winter?

Yep, this rainbow was so hungry it came right out of the water and tried to eat a rock by my foot! Had to take a picture. What else was I gonna do?

Very hungry rainbow!

Very hungry rainbow!

Just returned from our biannual trip to the Bighorn river, me and 8 other guys. We have three drift boats and bring our own crowd. But the good thing is, due to the weather there are very few people.

15 degrees on the Bighorn. Caught the brown there on comparadun.

15 degrees on the Bighorn. Caught the brown there on comparadun.

The fishing was pretty great, especially so with dry flies. The water temp was much higher than usual, around 47-50, and the big fish were taking dries in shallow water, 6-8 inches. Sometimes they preferred larger size 14-16 light body colored may flies to emergers. Pretty weird. Is it climate change? Whatever. I’ll take it. We did have one day of rotten weather: snowy, windy, cold around 20 degrees, which forced some of us less hearty souls in for homemade chicken soup and a bit of eyelid watching. There might have been some scotch. When the more hearty three came in before sundown, there was definitely some gin and tonics.

Heading into Last Chance Hole at dusk.

Heading into Last Chance Hole at dusk.


The rower's view in the last mile at "Bighorn take-out"

The rower’s view in the last mile at “Bighorn take-out”

Below is a dry fly no one should be caught without, and served me well on a 22″ brown. Why don’t I have a picture of the brown? A friend got the photo, and will soon send it to me, so you’ll just have to trust me. Fishermen don’t lie.


Earth Day blues and smiles

earthOkay, so it’s Earth Day, again, and you have done nothing to sustain our wonderful blue and green marble.

You’ve got the blues because oil is still the dominant energy source, along with the other fossil fuel, coal, polluting the land, the air, the water, and you see no cure in the near future. You just bought a gun because, well, because. Now you might have found a use for it: thy own cranium. You have children whom you know will not be able to enjoy the wilderness as you have, a grandson who will likely be mining coal from someplace in the Yukon for a job, or fracking in the Arctic, once the polar ice cap melts a bit more. Plenty of energy jobs. Yup. But they might not be what you thought. Ask these girls in North Dakota.

Hell, I was so down I wrote a book, you might have heard–or seen if you happen to look at other parts of the website–about how we can cure global warming by getting rid of all the oil; do it in two weeks and we have to go green. It’s actually pretty funny. Think it can’t be done? Well, think again. If nothing else, my twelve years of post-high school education and thirty years as a physician have taught me a few things about research. Yeah, there is someone out there who can likely pull it off if they have a little help.

Now for the bright spots. Time to turn that frown upside down. There are enough of the non-fossil fuels that if we started right now, developed the heck out of them, we would never have to raise the global temperature another two tenths Celcius in the next five years. Don’t believe me. Watch this video. It takes a little time, but well worth it. The other thing is to buy the book, Post Carbon Reader, or check it out of your library and you will be amazed. You will be able to take that gun back, throw out the Zoloft, actually sleep for eight hours and wake up happy you are alive. The Earth can be saved.

Now, go out and replace your lawn with rocks and a few low-water plants, or start biking to work or school a few days each week, or mow your lawn with a push mower, or make sure you never, ever get plastic bags at the supermarket, or … there are so many things, pick two or three and just do them. It’s not the big things. Everyone needs to do a few little things and a lot will happen. You’ll see. Please try.


Oil domination, the end of the USA.

Yup, you could say oil dominates our culture: cars, heating our houses, making roads, more cars, plastics, more plastics, more cars. And just like guns, we will not go peacefully into that cold night without oil. But there could be a way, maybe.

Come on, let’s stay with oil. I mean, COME ON, it’s worked for over a hundred years, right.

What is the definition of Sustainability?
According to Richard Heinberg of the post carbon institute (find him here http://richardheinberg.com/about ; he made the above video, by the way)
“That which can be maintained over time.”
According to the Iroquois Great Law of Peace–chiefs must consider the impact of their decision on the seventh generation to come. (From the Post Carbon Reader) Seven generations–that would be 30 years per generation on average, about 210 years. Do you think the oil will last until 2223?

How about this, from the 1987 definition at the United Nations’ World Commission on Environment and Development: “meets the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations to meet their needs.” Sure, we’re doing that with fracking, right? No problem with tearing up small town North Dakota.


It’s coming to a town near you . . . Oh shit, it’s already here in Greeley, Colorado, in Weld County where farming and ranching used to be, now with 20,000 fracking wells in a small area of Eerie. And I work near there. I take my own water, though. This is a long article, but well worth a save and read.


It’s all to help us keep driving whatever the hell we want as far as we want. A-N-D we will not have to rely on those &^%$# OPEC turbanheads. After all, Muslims aren’t humans, right?

You know you can make a difference. All you have to do is care. Look around you and care. Because if you don’t . . . If you don’t, the great USA will die. Sooner than you think.


$1 of each book
goes to US Veterans

A pause in posts

I have been writing more fiction, trying to get a few more novels published. That is my passion. I hope those ten or twenty who actually read this blog will excuse my pause in posts. It may be a while. I need to rethink if I will blog. Thanks.


The New Normal. Guns, The Flip Side. We need ’em.

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL: Guns, The Flip Side. We need ‘em.

Yeah, I just put out my 3-yr plan to get rid of guns, Mafioso style. As if that would work. Besides, nobody read it. Hell, Congress won’t even get rid of high-bullet magazines or assault rifles. So I started thinking about the real reason we need guns. Yes we DO need them. Sorry Bill Maher.

The problem is history, freedom and, most importantly, trust.

The history: the FBI estimates the  USA has about 300 million guns (and rising daily since Newtown).

Freedom: to use them anytime. We got ‘em we can shoot ‘em. So if you make new gun laws we will ignore them, just like the old ones. We don’t even pay attention to simple laws like stop signs, speed limits, or, making it more current, lying over the internet about our girlfriend dying of cancer to gain sympathy and more votes for the Heisman, lying about illegal use of steroids so you can win the Tour de France seven years running and make millions of dollars, lying to our constituents about taking money from lobbyist to gain office, beating our wives or children . . . I could go on and on, but you get it. I hope.

The last issue is trust. Why should I trust that I won’t get robbed walking at night in New Orleans, that my wife won’t be raped at night in Chicago, that someone won’t carjack me in LA? You know, I heard of a robber that forced their way into a home in Boulder, posing as a Mormon. We need guns because we don’t trust people. Not unreasonable. Did you know that there were over 11 million crimes committed in the USA in 2009. That’s one crime for every 100 people. What are the stats in your city? Murder rate, assault, rape, robbery, vandalism, drunk and disorderly, drug abuse, impersonating a Mormon? Lack of trust is in our genes, our country’s constitution, how the West was won (White Man speak with forked tongue), the CIA, our very jobs where everything has to be in writing about sexual harassment, sick leave, using cellphones, etc., etc., etc. We don’t trust our family, our friends, our priests, our bosses, our police, our military, or any other damn country in the world.

We have 300 million guns, the freedom to use them, either bad or good, and there are too many bad people out there to trust any stranger. Gotta have a gun. Simple. 

So, forget gun laws. They’ll never work.

Let’s focus on the insane. If we cure all of them, we will never have another Newtown, right? Are you shittin’ me? Do you have ANY idea how many people are on valium, lorazepam, Zoloft, Celexa, Abilify, Lunesta, Trazadone, Fluoxetine, Lithium, Aripiprazole, Quetiapine, Carbamazepine, Divalproex . . . and the list is literally endless. I bet half the third grade class in the good old USA is on Ritalin. How do you identify these “crazies?” Do you subpoena doctor’s records across the country to get a list of all the crazy people they’re treating? Once you have them all identified, how are you going to make them all better? You obviously know more about treating them than their doctor. Or is it just the ones that are not getting treatment? Okay, let’s round up all the crazy homeless people and put them in institutions. That will go over big, like the movie that made Jack Nicholson famous as a crazy man in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Okay, fine, just put them in jail. Our prison system is not overcrowded. Much. Wait, you say, I just want to keep the crazies from getting guns. You need to get that MRI quick. You already forgot the first few paragraphs above.

So, forget curing all the crazy people. That’s out.

We are left with lots of guns, lots of bad people we need protection from, lots of crazy people who can easily get guns from good people, bad people, or Wal-Mart, because it’s a free country and nobody wants to enforce the existing gun laws or change them.

Maybe we should just require all those good people who have guns to keep them from the bad or crazy people. Make them prove how well they secure their guns, keep them under lock and key. Problem is then we have to find all the gun owners, go to their humble and sacred abodes and inspect their security systems. That’s out, too. Hell, the NRA won’t even let doctors ask patients if they are keeping their guns locked up.

So, forget keeping guns safe by any laws. Period. Lock that one away. Throw away the key.

We just have to rely on all those gun owners to be good people, keep their guns secure and make sure no crazy or bad people get ahold of their guns.

What a new thought. We’ve been doing that for over a century. Worked well so far. Back to square one.

Let’s face it: We are at the NEW NORMAL. Yep that’s it, folks. The New Normal is that schools, sports games, movie theaters, crowded highway underpasses, any place you used think was safe is now a danger zone for a crazy with an automatic weapon and a grudge. Or maybe he is just a smart psychopath and no one in the world will ever know he’s crazy. But he has a gun! (Could be a she, too. Don’t count them out. Think of how many abused wives and raped female veterans there are, not to mention all those repressed in jobs due to their sex. God help the man from a woman scorned. Women caught up to men with lung cancer, so why should this new cancer of the gun be any different? Give ‘em time. )

The New Normal requires the same thing we did after 9/11 with airport security. We need security in all those previously safe places, and more, roaming the streets at night in those bad neighborhoods, keeping us safe from invasions. The good thing is there will be lots of jobs for those veterans returning from Afghanistan. There are others we want to hire, too. Job qual: can shoot and likes to wear a uniform, a bullet proof vest, Taser, Glock 17, and enjoys patrolling around movie theaters or being close to little kids. (Hmm, that sounds a little crazy to me.) You might have to make a law at the school so they won’t be watching videos or playing games or Tweeting on their smartphones instead of patrolling. Another law. Geez.

The NEW NORMAL: The USA is a war zone. The only thing we have to fear is each other. Bring us your tired, your poor, your starving, your mercenaries. We have just the job for them.  

I don’t know about you, but this sucks. I’m going to buy a gun.

And then I’ll write another thriller with lots of killing and maiming and torture, how we can’t trust the CIA or our doctor, how an ordinary citizen hiding in your midst could be a serial killer, because that shit is here to stay and everyone loves it. (Tongue out, Nanny-nanny boo-boo.)