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The New Normal. Guns, The Flip Side. We need ’em.

Parody: something so bad as to be equivalent to intentional mockery; a travesty. Welcome to the NEW NORMAL: Guns, The Flip Side. We need ‘em. This is a revision of a post from Jan. 2013 after Sandy Hook in Newtown. Now there’s Mandalay Bay. If you didn’t believe it then, will you now? Yeah, I […]

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Are you a closet liberal like me?

Yeah, I’m confused. I graduated from the Naval Academy, slept in the dirt with Marines—Oorah! Higher taxes—forget it. You should work for your money, just like I must—hard—staying up nights, worrying about making ends meet, not smokin’ your disability money up in dope, or scamming the USA out of trillions of dollars to keep your […]

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