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Veterans Day short story “Roses and Cookies”

This Veterans Day short story, “Roses and Cookies” is written by me. But it is only in audio form. For a good reason. Click on the recording and you’ll find out why.

Roses and Cookies recording by Milt Mays

Once you are done come back and give me comments on the blog.

Thanks, Milt


1) Casualties in the Vietnam War

2) Diseases caused by Agent Orange

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2 thoughts on “Veterans Day short story “Roses and Cookies”

  1. Bob Kincaid

    Good story.The reading: Good slow delivery, for the most part I like the laid back tone but it could have used more variation and emphasis when he is angry.
    Good simile: “A glob of yesterdays years stuck in his throat” It might be more interesting with a little more flash back and at the end a little introspection.
    It wouldn’t matter to me if he was black. I think it is a human interest story.
    I don’t think anyone should tell you stay in your own lane. You have a lot of empathy. Let it show in your writing. (That’s one of the things I like about you)

    1. milt

      Thanks, Bob. Didn’t get an email for some reason, but I see your comment and have to approve before it gets posted. Appreciate your candor. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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