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China COVID 19

How Humans End

The Start Will Covid 19 end humans? My daughter said during the pandemic that she would hate to be inside my head. Yeah, right now, me too. Take a look, if you dare. It started as what looked like another SARS outbreak in China. A few thousand—China’s problem. Now COVID 19 has killed almost 3 […]

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DOES MITCH MCCONNELL THINK BLACK LIVES MATTER? WE MUST MAKE MITCH MCCONNELL BELIEVE BLACK LIVES MATTER. Enough to make the Senate vote on Congress’s new bill. Enough to ENSURE A VETO OVERRIDE. America has come together in protesting against police brutality towards black people. Many commentators have said, this seems different than the 60s, like […]

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Cookies Help Veterans on Veterans Day

Veterans Day short story “Roses and Cookies”

This audio short story on Veterans Day, Vietnam War, and PTSD, “Roses and Cookies” is in audio form for good reason. Click on the recording below and you’ll find out why. Once you are done come back and give me comments on the blog. Thanks, Milt References: included are some statistics of veterans in Vietnam, […]

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Crime Thriller and sex trafficking, ‘One Eighty’

Don’t miss my new book, One Eighty, a crime sex trafficking thriller involving veterans set in Colorado. Here are some tidbits on why I wrote it. A veteran who more than survives after war and injury: It seems to me veterans who don’t make it after war make the news most frequently. Attending the Naval […]

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Climate Change and Earth

How to Make Climate Change Matter

Can we beat oil-related industries and end climate change?

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