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6 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Steve Wiley

    Hi Milt,
    Steve Wiley from USNA, 8th Co here. I saw you mentioned in the alumni magazine and read your short story, I Will Try Harder Sir. I also listened to the story about the Viet Nam vet. I just wanted to say I’m proud to know you as a classmate. Bonds formed in plebe summer Charlie Company endure.

  2. Trip Maguire

    Good evening Sir,

    My folks tell me you’re sure remember the sick little boy in Edzell, declared failure the thrive. Well, in case you do, I wanted to let you know I’m thriving now and am following your footsteps, taking care of Marines here in Camp Lejeune. Would love to hear more about your time in the Navy and maybe pick up some pointers.

    Very Respectfully,

    LT Maguire

    1. milt

      Trip, what a pleasure to hear from you and that you are “thriving” now. Hope your parents are well. Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been working to publish a new fiction book just out on Kindle ebook
      Also, you might be interested in a couple of non-fiction short stories about my time at Annapolis
      And when I was working for the VA as a doctor and about to retire in 2015
      I remember Camp Lejeune well, stationed there as a doctor with 2/6 and 1/10 back in 1981-82. Take a look at some of my other books on the website as well. They all have snippets of my military experiences, or those of my patients sprinkled about.
      Again, great to hear from you. Sorry I missed your comment until now. Have a great day.

    1. milt

      Yes, doing well. Hope you are as well. Did you get to read any of my books? What do you think of the blog and website? Thanks for leaving a comment and going to the website.


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