Cure for Global Warming–Dan’s War

If you look closely at the above you can see some beetle-killed trees. When the weather in the mountains stays too warm, the beetles love it and kill trees. Most of the Western Slope is dying or dead–brown trees everywhere. How would the above look with brown dead pine trees on the mountains instead of green ones?

What’s the cure? Not sure I know. But Dan’s War is a thought–get rid of all the oil. Will it work?

JM McBride’s review of Dan’s War.

As I stood at the gas pump and watched the dial spin to fifty-plus dollars, I thought about Dan’s War. Gripe as I may about the high price of gasoline, I had to wonder what life would be without gas.

That’s what Dan’s War prompted me to ponder, and let me tell you, I wasn’t thrilled with what I came up with.

Author Milt Mays leads us on a thrill-a-minute trek into the world of
oil production from Dubai to the bayous of Louisiana. It’s a definite
page-turner; the kind of book where you trick yourself by saying “I’ll just read
one more chapter.” And then hours later, you’re bleary-eyed and know you’ll be
sleepy the next day because you just couldn’t put it down. He gives the reader a
slew of unique and very interesting characters, a plot that is all too real, and
a writing style that is action packed. The story made me think and entertained
me at the same time. How cool is that! Oh and made me hungry for a bowl of gumbo
and a slice of pecan pie.

Can’t wait to see what social issue Milt Mays
addresses in his next book. In the meantime buy this one.

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