My Sunny Valentine

So, here’s the other thing, Dear. (In case you were wondering at the end of the last post–Just Blame Her, She Can Take It.)


How do you know when you’ve tapped into true love? Personally, whenever her smile hits me like the morning sun, chasing the ghostly worries of the night and the aches of yesterday over the hills. Flash, they’re gone. Poof. Magic.

No, actually it’s real, and love can do that. I can be sitting in the soup of my sorrowful woes, and she comes in the room, or better yet, she doesn’t even have to be present; all I have to do is think of her jumping out of a warm bed in the wee hours to rescue her daughter who had a flat in a dangerous part of town, or taking her ailing mom to the store for hours and hours, or staying awake to listen to my delusions of failure–any of those will do, or just remembering how she laughed at my joke yesterday, and joy pushes my heart back into position.

She’s my Sunny Valentine. I hope you get one.

I love you, Babe.


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4 thoughts on “My Sunny Valentine

  1. Sue

    I am so glad to see that the two of you are still together all these years later. Remembering when you first started to date and then go to the east coast for your military career…. I’m in awe and so proud to say that I have known you both before you loved each other. Thank you for such a wonderful message to those of us who haven’t been as lucky to find true love the first time.

    1. milt

      Thanks, Sue
      It’s been almost 41 yrs since the fateful day we got together in highschool. I’d say we’ve been lucky, but she says there’s no luck involved. Just love!


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