Adios Amigo

Adios amigo

Peter Gallagher died on 4/23.

He was my stepfather, a friend really. What can you say about a friend who can no longer listen with wise ears, can no longer edit my writing with expert care, can no longer comfort and love my mother, his dedication most dear?

I saw their last dance together. I’m so glad I did.

He wanted no fuss. Just a quiet goodbye. Let those who survive remember and carry on in goodness. He trusted that would happen. He spread his goodness a long time:

88 years.

There were those saved by his service translating Chinese for the OSS in WWII. Who knows exactly how many, or what he did. He would never say. Secrets until the end. The only thing I knew was he hated war. Imagine that.

Many legal clients were helped by him, both in Albuquerque before he retired some thirty years ago, and in Manzanillo, Mexico, where he lived and offered his services, usually for free.

His palpable legacy is a beautiful house in Manz, wonderful children, whom I have come to know and respect, and the lovely Luce, my mom, a woman without equal. That should be enough for any man.

There is the legacy, though, you can’t see, or touch, or hear. It is there, in the minds and hearts of those he knew. That legacy is more than the stars.

Thanks, Peter.

Goodbye, my friend.




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2 thoughts on “Adios Amigo

  1. Maggie O'Reilly

    Milt—-It couldn’t have been said better.
    Peter was my dear friend of 35 years and almost 9 years ago we celebrated his 80th in South Africa together. I never saw him pass up an opportunity to be kind or share from his vast and very diverse knowlege.
    He also shared a long term friendship with my oldest son Gregory Durst and was always following his progress through Georgetown, Harvard Business School and then doing hisinternational consulting career in Johannesburg and New York City. I had just had a e-mail from Peter that they would be meeting me and my family, of which they were a treasured part, for Greg’s wedding this September. That speaks volumes about his zest for life and celebrating the big events together. I will always miss him,
    and remember how proud he was of all of their children.
    Till we meet again, Peter, happy trails.


    1. milt

      Thanks, Maggie. Yes, we will all miss Peter in many ways. I hope to see you again one of these days, too.


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