Favorite Fly

Here’s the fish I caught on the first hole on my first trip to the Bighorn River below Yellowtail Dam.

24 inch Rainbow, Meat Hole Bighorn River

24 inch Rainbow, Meat Hole Bighorn River

Do you think I might fish with the same fly on this hole again?
Yep, I do.
Do you have a favorite fly? You know, the one you use when everything else is not working, or the one you always put on first on this particular water.  Well, on the Bighorn River I must admit I have a favorite fly that I usually put on for the Meat Hole in the upper 3 miles, from A to 3 stretch. I like a peach or chartreuse egg as the lead, or first fly, and a Skinny Nelson as the last fly, or, what worked for me best, a flashback, black version of the Pheasant Tail nymph. Here’s the fly.

Unfortunately, it has never worked since. But, it has worked above the Meat Hole a lot, so one of these days…

What is your favorite fly for your favorite water?


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