I was reminded by a techy, get-it-done-now guy that faster is becoming the norm. We want our food quick, our books shorter, our computers faster, our kids to do it all in less time. The longer I live the more I appreciate things to savor, to appreciate slowly, to take my time and feel every moment, every nanosecond. Probably because the moments are becoming more and more limited. The only thing constant about life is death. It’s coming, and could possibly be a texting egghead just around the bend. If you start savoring each moment when you’re young, your life will be so full, and seem so long, you will be fulfilled beyond belief.

Zen master. That’s me.

My son, budding Zen master that he is, showed me this video because he is pushing for people to put the phones away. And he’s a techy computer major. Do you have five minutes to watch this? You’ll be glad if you do.

So, stop putting your nose into the email, the texts, the blogs, the antisocial machine, and start looking at each other, learning each other’s stories, your hopes and dreams and loves. You may find yourself becoming a Zen master. We could share Yoga poses. 😉

Look up. Go fly fishing. Take a friend or someone you love. Just don’t try to teach them casting. Another story.


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2 thoughts on “Faster…Really?

  1. Ken McCoy

    I recognize that this is an older post but this really hits home, Milt! I’m a techy as well, and also a fly fisherman. My wife and I have 4 daughters, all 16 and under. We recently implemented a no technology Saturday. Each Saturday afternoon (until Sunday morning) is spent with zero technology. The adoption rate is slow but the connection rate on a deeper level is high. Technology may provide loads of efficiency for both our personal and professional lives but conversely it separates us from paying attention to what is most important, human life. I enjoyed your comments!

    1. milt

      Thanks, Ken. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for exploring the blogs. You are a brave working man to make it Saturday afternoon, though I can see that time would be the best to make sure you connect with your family. I like it! Have to figure out something for me and my wife to hook into, though me trying to write every day, no computer might give me withdrawals. Hope you have a great winter.


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