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Unsung Heroes

Every day I talk to another and find out things they did that no one knows, things they did that saved a piece of America. One man saved a little boy in Vietnam who later opened a Vietnamese restaurant that gave many Vietnam vets one small memory they loved about a place they mostly hated. One hated […]

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A pause in posts

I have been writing more fiction, trying to get a few more novels published. That is my passion. I hope those ten or twenty who actually read this blog will excuse my pause in posts. It may be a while. I need to rethink if I will blog. Thanks. Milt Please follow and like us:

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Who Would You Be?

I guess we all, at one time or other, maybe every minute, want to be someone else. You don’t like your body, your mind, your job, your very being. Maybe you could be as svelte and smooth-skinned as J Lo, as rich as Buffet (Jimmy or Warren-who cares? Well, I like Jimmy), as witty as […]

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Okay, so I fish.

Since my first memory, thanks to my dad and his love, fishing has been a part of me. And recently, finally, after years of hoping, I made it to Alaska. Why fish? Because I love wilderness, and fishing takes me there. And over twenty years ago I decided to only fly fish. I’ve fished Scottish highlands, […]

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My Sunny Valentine

So, here’s the other thing, Dear. (In case you were wondering at the end of the last post–Just Blame Her, She Can Take It.)   How do you know when you’ve tapped into true love? Personally, whenever her smile hits me like the morning sun, chasing the ghostly worries of the night and the aches […]

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