Millennials protesting politics

Should Politics mix with Writing Stories and Songs?

Authors should stay away from politics and social activism, right?


That's what all the marketing experts tell us. Stay away from Politics or your books will bomb. Forget voting discussions. Verboten. 
Yet, many famous authors and writers write about current political/social issues: 
Faulkner--novels about corrupt politicians, the despicable plight of black people, and whether the United States would survive. Nobel Prize
Steinbeck--the shabby treatment of migrants by the right, Nobel Prize. They burned his book in California, The Grapes of Wrath 
George Orwell--Stalinism, socialism
Solzhenitsyn--the Russian authoritarianism and horrible gulags, Novel Prize  
Margaret Atwood--political subjugation of women 
Bob Dylan--Vietnam, The 60s, first songwriter to receive Nobel Peace Prize, 
Rachel Carson--Silent Spring and the conservative government's refusal to ban certain pesticides 
Tony Morrison--the politically and socially trampled rights of black people--Nobel Prize. . . and the list goes on and on.

So, I don't feel wrong in publishing a video song I wrote in order to get Millennials voting in November.
Okay, so it's not a story, but songs can be more powerful. I hope you can get beyond the lack of commercial PIZZAZZ to the background
 and quality of the recording. all I had was my iPhone and my writing room. It's not Dylan, but I hope you pass it on.
Perhaps it will  motivate at least one more millennial to vote.

Millennials are cool, but have a horrible voting turnout percentage, and they can make a huge difference. It is their future I worry about.
Especially if they don't turnout and vote in the November midterms. The main reason I wrote the song.

I thought making a music video for YouTube would be easy. Yeah, what planet was I living on. First, you have to write the lyrics, then the 
arrangement and music. That turned out to be pretty easy compared to what followed. I didn't have a professional video studio, just my iPhone
and my writing room. Rearrange this and that, take down glaring photos, and the background was acceptable. But the worst part, the most tedious
was doing the video over and over, at least 7,000 times, to weed out mistakes. Because, even little things turn out big on a video. Also, no cut and paste
allowed on home videos. Start to finish, clean, flowing, with good transitions. Hard!!

Please take a look at the video. I think you will enjoy the words, at the very least. And, please vote! 



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